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Our podcast dives into the complexity and beauty of being human and what lies beyond.

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13 hours ago

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Gatehouse Academy of Wickenburg, Arizona was where Ces & Katie became friends in December 2005. From young adults with drug problems, to creating beautiful magic in our lives today, here is our origin story. 
Gatehouse Academy was a young adult treatment center that created structured, sober living for drug and alcohol addicted women and men. They closed their doors in 2012. 

Microsode: Far Out & Out There

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

A special F.O.O.T episode!
Come along with Ces as she interviews two guests, her dear friend Kayley and her father Jeff.
Kayley moved into a new home in late 2020 and began feeling the spirit of previous tenants... She tells us about reclaiming her house back from an energy that was still lingering around the home.
Jeff tells us the story of visiting Le Mort Homme, a haunted area in France, outside of Verdun where battles during WW1 took place. 
1st Interview: 1:10- 25: 52
2nd Interview: 26:03-35

Wednesday Feb 15, 2023

Woundology is the belief system of living within your traumas and wounds, identifying with them so deeply, you cannot see who you are without them.
Join Katie and Ces as we chat about ways we moved beyond our wounds, how challenging it can be to let go of victimizing ourselves and feeling free from past experiences.
Show Notes
Anatomy of the Spirit -Caroline Myss
Why People Don't Heal and How They Can

Wednesday Dec 07, 2022

Join Ces & Katie as we explore the topic of learning from and honoring each phase we go through. Just like the seasons, we shift, change and evolve, and take something magical with us. 

Thursday Nov 24, 2022

Katie leads us through a discussion around Feng Shui, specifically the sacred practice of Flying Star. Feng Shui is about being able to read the energy of what is and seeing clearly what you're working with. Only once you know that, can you balance that which needs balancing, and enhance that which you want to enhance, 

Microsode: Calling Yourself Home

Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

This week, Ces and Katie discuss ways in which they have stepped out of alignment with their true essence, how they identify energy leaks and how they lean back into their own spirit after times of disconnection.
*Show Notes*
How to Ground Yourself
Goddess Baths

Ancestral Healing

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

Join Ces + Katie as we explore the topic of ancestral healing, looking back into family history and learning how to heal your present and create a new future. 
It Didn't Start With You- by Mark Wolynn
The Body Keeps the Score- Bessel van der Kolk
What Happened To You? - By Oprah Winfrey, Bruce D. Perry
Ancestral Guidance- Gillian White (Insight Timer)

Wednesday Oct 12, 2022

Join Ces + Katie and we dive into the topic of females, hormones and nutrition. Ces leads our chat with her knowledge from being a Nutritionist, with practical and helpful tips on embracing your hormonal changes, loving your body throughout each phase and what tweaks you can make to be more vibrant and energetic.
F.O.O.T Notes
Our Far Out and Our There this week has a special guest star, James Newman with a story from his childhood growing up in Colorado Springs.
Here are a couple links to accompany our chat!

Dancing with your Shadow

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022

In our second episode, Ces and Katie explore the topic of shadow work, digging deeper into the wholeness of who you are and releasing fears about what you will find when you face yourself. 
F.O.O.T Notes- This episodes Far Out and Out There segment explores the phenomenon of the Phoenix Lights. A strange sequence of lights which occurred in Phoenix, Arizona in 1997, which begs the question; do aliens exist?

Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

In this episode Ces and Katie discuss their own journeys which led them each to a unique spiritual practice as well as the complexity and nuances of the spiritual path and being human. 
F.O.O.T. Notes - This episode's Far Out and Out There segment discusses Ces' experience in Canyonlands National Park and meeting a spirit that resides there. 


About ITM

Into the Magick is a podcast that explores a variety of different spiritual and surreal topics through the lens of two friends, Ces and Katie, who have been consciously exploring their own human and spiritual experiences for over 16 years. With a conversational approach ITM invites it’s viewers to participate and continue to explore outside the shared experience of the podcast.

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